Employee Recruitment Services
Looking to hire new employees? The CALBEC Group can help! We specialize in recruiting and evaluating local, highly qualified professionals for employers seeking to fill full-time, permanent positions.
The CALBEC Group can assist your company with the following: • Eliminate the hassle of recruiting on your own. Our team will seek out qualified candidates on your behalf, conducting preliminary interviews to screen out those individuals who do meet the minimum qualifications of the position you wish to fill. • Facilitate any pre-screening testing that your company may currently utilize to ensure that we maximize the quality of the candidates we refer. We want to make sure the employee we recruit is a good fit for the job and the company culture. Our goal is to find the right person the first time, reducing turnover, increasing employee satisfaction, and contributing to your company’s long term success. • Identify and capture any economic stimulus or tax credit programs that come with hiring these job seekers. The Central Valley’s current economic situation has endowed our region with many highly lucrative cash reimbursement and tax saving programs. Employers can claim these valuable incentives simply by hiring new qualified employees. We will navigate through these processes for you! To schedule a meeting to discuss your employee recruitment needs, please contact us at (559) 301-0406 or via email at emerson@calbecgroup.com
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